Thursday, 20 March 2014

It's as if 2013 never happened here at TheSlowAdventure. Or maybe it happened too much, but just didn't get written about. Is the unrecorded life, less of a life? Who knows. But is coming back in print, photos and amusing doodles.

Maybe a bit of 2013 will creep into upcoming posts, too.

Whether it's in pieces about; watching goshawks in Berlin. Walking the Barrow Way in winter storms. Trying out ever-more minimal outdoor kit. Playing with fire. Taking a master class in 'easy expeditioning' on a canoe trip in Spain. Playing the toxopholist. And bicycle polo. And guitar. And a fabulous ten days walking around Menorca's recently opened, though historically old, Cami de Cavalls, the 112 mile path around its whole coast; i enjoyed walking the route then i went round a great deal of it again by - variously - mountain bike, horse and kayak.

I'll get scribbling. Expect something new here soon.

Till then, how about a thought-inspiring quote from poet Geoffrey Hill:

I try to make a distinction between enjoyment and joy; you're only prepared to enjoy what you already have a taste for, whereas joy is shocking and surprising.

Is he right? 

Certainly shocks and surprises are, on the whole, good in life, because they show us that we ARE alive.

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