Monday, 10 November 2014


I was awake early, before dawn, before seven in my tarp camp in the lee of a hedge. I made coffee whilst sill in my bag. Grey and cloudy. Had to reach a town to get food. Have walked hard. In one village an odd man came running out to stop me. He had walked to Hamburg, because of a woman? He broke his ankle? He lives in a hospital - krankenhaus? My German is so bad.
A van stopped and an owl-faced man began shouting at me. He thought I was a Jacob's Way pilgrim and needed my booklet stamped in the Rathaus - I would have to wait for the mayor. I have walked many miles on different pilgrims routes passing crucifixes, shrines, grottos and stations of the cross.
The sun came out and my shadow - or the ghost of Werner Herzog walked beside me. We all have our superstitions.
My left boot sole has nearly worn through. Currently an academic problem. I asked in a cobblers about repairing my boots. Yes, indeed. They'd be sent away and back in three days. Maybe the problem isn't so academic.

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