Thursday, 6 November 2014


It began snowing/sleeting as I walked out of Munich and into the night. Darkened houses, neon shop signs. The odd car or rumbling truck. By three in morning was in rolling country of fields and woods. Still raining. Into a stand of trees, hammock up, tarp slung over it. Fell into deep sleep. Woke at dawn. Damp and cold - corner of sleeping mat had slipped over side of hammock and beyond edge of dripping tarp and guttered water in on me. I've warmed up and dried some clothes by walking briskly through drizzle all morning. Soaring pines, cloddy ploughed fields, buzzards, wooden barns and neatly stacked firewood. Crucifixes, and lofty decorated may poles in villages. No shops. Closed bars and cafes. More traffic today than usual because trains on strike. Clouds are lifting - pearly light through the rain. In a restaurant with coffee now. No food. Warming up. Will need to walk on into night to make distance and find shelter. Currently the ghost of Herzog's younger self is showing me around. Images from his book resurface. And new - odd - images catch my eye.

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